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These are a portion of the techniques for Fortnite Buck generators and Fortnite. Generator For V-BUcks Fortnite going from it is the highest point in the last 6-7 months, to it is the lowest point in the last 2 years. Now why that s important, is because I think it showed the Fortnite developers, that their strategy of catering to new/lower-skilled players by adding incredibly unbalanced things to the game, was starting to really backfire against them. And that led to them deciding to try a new strategy, in the form of skill-based matchmaking, adding bots into public matches at lower-level games, and also, a tutorial mode which recently was discovered in the in-game files, and is expected to be added to the game sometime in the beginning of season 11.The thought process and motivation behind these 3 changes are definitely interesting.

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.It seems that Fortnite has really transformed their stance from alright we need to give bad players OP weapons/items so they can kill good players to Actually you know what I think our best bet is to do everything we can to prevent bad players from even being in the same games as good players. Now at least, in my opinion, that general strategy is a lot better for everybody compared to adding things like much’s, planes, or swords. Everybody knows that these items are just totally hated by the majority of average-really good players, but I also feel like even the lower-skilled players start to dislike them relatively quickly.

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I have some friends that are plain and simple pretty bad at the game, they know it, and they will be the first person to tell you that. What I noticed with items like the much’s and the planes from season 7 is that at first they really like them, they find them fun to use, and they love the fact that they can get 3-4+ easy kills a game by using them. But then as time goes on, maybe over the span of a few weeks, they start to like the items less and less. They realize that in the long run, they are going to end up dying to these super unbalanced things more than they are going to end up getting to use them. So the hope of the community going into season 11, is that because Fortnite has finally taken extreme measures to separate players of uneven skill, that they can now balance the game without any kind of outside pressure, to go out of their way to make sure they add things specifically for casual/lower-skilled players. F. I don t think it is just a coincidence that skill-based-matchmaking and the announcement of bots being put into regular games were made right before season 11 begins. It s really seems like they wanted to get everything set up, make sure it all works, get some feedback, and as long everything continues to run smoothly, they now can put more focus into making changes for season 11, that will make the game more balanced. However, as great as that all sounds and as much as I hope it ends up being true, what happens if the beginning of season 11 is similar to the beginning of season X There are not really any meaningful or positive balance changes, a new super OP weapon/item/vehicle gets added, and all the hope everybody had for season 11 gets totally crushed I don t want to be over-dramatic here.

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because even if that did happen, fortnite would still see a spike in popularity for the new season, and still have an insane amount of players playing. But at the same time, I feel like it would lead to Fortnite hitting a new low in terms of popularity that would be even lower than the all-time low point we’re at right now.

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Listen, Fortnite is probably my favorite video game of all time, so even if season 11 was absolutely horrible, I still wouldn’t t stop playing. But the sense I get with a lot of less-dedicated players is that the love they have for the game is really dwindling away at this point. So even though a lot of the most dedicated players like myself wouldn’t t stop playing even if season 11 is bad, I don t think a ton of other players has that same level of commitment.

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It really feels a large chunk of the players base kind of has 1 foot in the door and 1 foot out of the door when it comes to Fortnite. And what I mean by that, is if season 11 is really good they will happily go back to playing Fortnite just as much as they did it the past. But at the same, if it is bad or really even just similar to season X at all, they will start to actively seek other games or activities to be their Fortnite replacement.

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It s not like a year or so ago, where everybody loved the game so much, they could take a few bad changes without even questioning it. So that s why even though this season is made or break for Fortnite has been said plenty of times in the past, I feel like it is more applicable now than it is ever been before. For the first time in a long time, Fortnite actually needs to work hard and be very smart to re-engage the players who play their game.

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So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to toilet me know with a comment down in the comment section below. Do you guys feel that season 11 really is& quota make or break for the future of Fortnite last season.

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